Fat Grafting

Miami Fat Transfer and Grafting Specialist Dr. Pascual is a leading authority in the procedure. Reserve your free consultation with Miami Plastic Surgeons today. When aging occur, there is volume loss in the face. Volume loss is as much to the aging as is the sagging and rhytids. This loss occurs in the nasolabial and labiomental creases, lips, on the mandibular ramus and the pre-jowl sulcus or hollowing of the area on the either side of the chin that is highlighted by the jowls formation. All these areas can be treated with autogenous fat or by a process called fat grafting. Treatment has generally brought about good results. However, meticulous attention has to be paid to the details of the technique by your health care professional. The improvements in fat grafting have made it one of the favorite alternatives in anti-aging techniques. In the last 25 years it has continually gained popularity as the best method to restore that youthful glow. The advantage of this over face-lifts is that the latter does not address the loss or weakening of soft tissue and atrophy that comes with aging.